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National Library of Ukraine For Children in 3D Art Gallery

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Engages in a ”Art Business” where it works with
people with disabilities as ”One Team”!


We promote financial independence and social inclusion of people with disabilities
by facilitating the use of their art. Our work is not merely a charity, but an initiative that makes it
possible for partners to engage in “CSR Inclusive PR Activities”.

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About Our Activities

Paralym Art have been supporting independence for people with disabilities through promoting arts by artists with disabilities.

We believe that we need a place where people with disabilities and wealthy people could coexist in order to work and earn profits, rather than just volunteering to "give" the wealth to the poor. 

We agree with a new way of volunteering concept of Volunteer 3.0 DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and decided to participate in it.

Volunteer 3.0 has support for Ukraine as one of our initial activities. 

Those people with disabilities who have received support from people are keenly aware of the gratitude for being helped by others when they are in trouble, and now they should turn to the support side for Ukrainians who are currently in need. 

Thus, we have decided to launch a project aimed to support Ukraine.


Ukraine Kyiv National Children's Library

Unfortunately, this library is currently closed. 
However, we have a virtual gallery of the Library.

We have approval from Ukraine Government 
and Displayed Arts by our artists with disabilities.


The theme is ”PEACE.” We are inviting people from all over the world to this library.

All these works are on sale and this part of revenue will be delivered to the Ukrainian people for support.

3D Art Galerry

What is Paralym Art?

Paralym Art is aiming to create system which can promote independence of people with disabilities continuously ”without relying on the support from the country," but with “constant support from the private companies.”


  • Increase the value of companies/ organizations/ individuals through social participation and promotion of economic independence of people with disabilities

  • Work as a team with people with disabilities to deliver the services to the companies

  • Implement plan that are useful for both partner companies and people with disabilities

  • Visualize the companies' contribution to SDGs

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Paralym Art

What is the Paralym Art Donation Symbol?

"Paralym Art Donation Symbol" is NFT which in proof of supporting for Artists with disabilities.

If you purchase our symbol, you will be an owner of its art content and  able to use as an icon for your own SNS profile.

You can also download the image data of NFT and "Paralym Art Donation Symbol" certificate. 

We created new symbol for supporting Ukraine and would like to have your support for Ukraine.

Paralym Art Donation Symbol
Donation Symbol

Donation Symbol


Paralym Donation Symbol 【Personal Version】



Paralym Donation Symbol 【Corporate Version】


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